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JuRin –- The name means "Forest" in Japanese


Since 1999, JuRin Sushi and Teppan restaurant in Geneva, IL has been a popular destination for family and friends for great sushi and celebrating great times. Owners and Master Chefs, Hideo Sudo and Haruhisa Osada make guests feel like they are part of the JuRin family the minute you walk though the door. Trained in Japan, the chefs have honed their Japanese culinary skills and create dishes that surprise and delight every one of all ages.


JuRin offers sushi, noodle dishes, Bento boxes and several teppanyaki grills. In 2004 JuRin expanded and opened a second location in Elgin, IL to include a conveyor belt filled with artful sushi plates to choose from. In both restaurants you can hear the clankity-clank of culinary knives in a magical-like performance at the hibachi tables and the oohs and ahhs of the guests. Each presentation and dish is served with a smile and sometimes, even a joke or two from the wait staff. It’s a true family-friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.


JuRin welcomes you, your family and friends for lunch, dinner and any special occasion celebration!


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